Lynon Lohof Photography & Jewelry
Woman Buys Spices w/Lamb on BackTiny Lady Big DoorEcuadorian Woman Headed to MarketPig's Head PurchaseElderly Bolivian Woman in DoorwayHandmade Rope SellerIndigenous Ecuadorian WomanSalt Flats ReflectionBolivian GeysersGran Salar de UyuniSalt Building & BikeParque National HuascaranBilly Goat GruffSecret Garden HostelBanos School BoysPeruvian SoldiersShoe SellerBanana SellersQuito EscuelaLassiePeruvian Children in ParadePeruvian Reed BoatsPerro Enfrente de PuertoBolivian LandscapeSalt Mounds, Bolivia
Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia, S.A.
Upon graduating from Montana State University I traveled around Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina for five months by myself. These images are a reflection of the experiences I had and the beautiful places I saw.